Services for Pregnant Women

Specialized Support During Pregnancy

Therapeutic Counseling Services for Pregnant Women

  • Pregnancy related mood disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • Issues related to pregnancy complications such as ajustment issues, coping with prolonged bed rest
  • Pregnancy following physical, emotional, or sexual trauma
  • Please see page titled "Postpartum Support" for additional information

Enhanced Birthing Support and Doula Services

During your birth, I see my primary role asyour doula as a keeper of the sacred space. I offer birth, post-partum as well as antepartum services. I am also a licensed therapist with over 17 years experience supporting individuals and families during both joyous and difficult life events. The guiding philosophy of my doula practice is that pregnancy, birth, postpartum, & parenting should be nurtured by a vibrant network of support systems. Supporting women and families improves the quality of life and the overall health of our community.

What’s Different About Courageous Beginnings?

Experience & Education - Services are provided by a master’s level clinician with experience and education in a wide range of areas including family systems, depression, maternal adjustment concerns, hormonal fluctuations, specialized newborn care, infant massage, bonding and   attachment, grief and loss, early childhood development, and various  parenting education and support programs.

Services include use of comprehensive birth resource library as well as use of labor support tools such as Rebozo, birthing ball, peanut ball, as well as other comfort  and position supports.

Private practice meeting environment that is family friendly and includes a dedicated play area for children.

Expanded prenatal and postpartum doula support visits.

Expanded on-call availability.

Doula and Birth Support Practice Specialty Areas:

Birth after Trauma- Emphasis on the unique and sensitive needs of mothers giving birth as trauma survivors (sexual abuse, physical   violence) and other chronic and acute forms of trauma

Use of guided meditation and hypnosis – birthing techniques

Therapeutic postpartum treatment and support

Maternal Addiction – Including substance use during pregnancy as well as supporting mothers in recovery (Please see the " Courageous Beginnings Speciality Doula Service " for more detailed information about this program)


Pregnancy can be a time of complex emotions and challenging transitions. My understanding of pregnancy, birth and postpartum helps guide the counseling process with individuals and families navigating the joys and challenges of this important stage in life .

· Comprehensive family counseling services

· Parenting education and support - Including support blending families, sibling adjustment

· Social/emotional skill development and training with
preschool and early childhood ages

· Individual & Family addiction counseling in a private practice setting

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