Postpartum Support

What’s different about therapeutic support, counseling, and birth and postpartum services through Courageous Beginnings?

I’m a licensed therapist, postpartum specialist, a birth and postpartum doula, and a mom who struggled with my own postpartum experience.

I opened this practice to provide women and families a safe, baby friendly space where they could receive truly integrated services; not just traditional support but therapeutic counseling by a professional with advanced training in the treatment of mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum.

Postpartum Services:
Let me start by saying that the postpartum period is incredibly complicated. We can barely even agree on what is considered the “postpartum period”. Many medical professionals use a standard of six weeks but those of us that work with new families in the various phases physical, biological, emotional, and psychological transition understand that it’s truly an individually defined term. There isn’t a magical end point and it most certainly can’t be arbitrary defined by someone else.

However we define it, my own personal and professional experience have taught me that this transitional period after a new baby arrives is critically important. This period of extraordinary transition is complex, chaotic, and magical.

For brand new parents, it can seem that all the attention and support just suddenly vanishes, just at the exact moment when you need it the most.

New moms are challenged by intense levels of exhaustion, surging hormonal changes, and navigating a relationship with a new member of the family.  Your daily life may look like your living in a “new baby bubble”, where you lose touch with what’s happening in day to day life, with friends, or family. This isolation can compound fragile feelings of adjustment such as feeling incompetent, or difficulty managing moods. Extra support focused around the unique and specialized needs of new parents can be just what you need to smooth out the rough spots

You might also be a mom wondering to yourself “ why am I still feeling so bad?” Maybe, like so many other women, you thought these feelings would go away on their own, perhaps maybe you are questioning yourself about your current state of being as your new normal.


You are not alone. Postpartum mood disorders such as depression, don’t typically get better on their own. The good news is that the treatments are effective and you can expect to feel better relatively quick. You don’t have to feel like this. You and your family deserve a full, healthy, vital functioning self.

Postpartum Services Provided Include:

  • Postpartum Adjustment Concerns/Postpartum Depression Therapeutic Counseling
  • Complete and holistic assessment that encompasses hormonal changes
  • Draw from multiple, evidence based approaches to treating pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders (not just medication…although medication can be very helpful!)
  • Meditation, Guided Mediation provided as supplemental intervention
  • Advocacy, collaborative support, and expertise in helping find the most effective medication while balancing pregnancy and lactation needs
  • Infants always welcome at sessions
  • Identification of appropriate referrals and assistance with referrals to any community based resources


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