Individual Therapy

To be seen and heard with kindness and
compassion is profoundly healing

General Individual Therapy & Counseling : Individual counseling involves talking about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and the things that are troubling you. Together the therapist and the client establish goals that are important to create change and then develop strategies about how those goals will best be accomplished.

At the first appointment, we will talk about what you want from your time in counseling.

It is important to know that whatever is shared between the client and therapist is held in strict confidence, except when there is a specific safety concern.

**This practice is ADD (ADHD) friendly**

What Can Therapy Help With?

Individual therapy can help with many different issues including:

  • Depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Postpartum adjustment concerns
  • Acute and chronic trauma.
  • Broken relationships
  • Parent-child conflict.
  • Strategies to manage ADD (ADHD)
  • Setting boundaries
  • Grief and loss
  • Codependency
  • Strengthening your ability to express healthy emotions
  • Improving the regulation and management of anger

Individual Addiction and Recovery Counseling (More detailed information on Addiction and Recovery Counseling Page)


Helpful Forms

Click here to view and print forms for your appointment.

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