Families In Recovery

Experiencing addiction in your family is heartbreaking and exhausting. Families often feel conflicting emotions of intense anger and paralyzing fear. The entire family is impacting by the emotional climate that is created by addiction. Often when your loved one goes into treatment, they are given counseling and some tools to begin their own healing process. As they begin their own recovery, there is an expectation that the friends and family members should not focus on the past, just move on and let go of fears and anger that have built up. The combination of not being allowed the opportunity to begin your own healing process coupled with an unrealistic expectation of just "letting go and moving on" is a set for failure of the entire support system.

A healthy family system is created by recognizing and addressing the needs of each member within that family system. Families in Recovery is a program that combines both education and therapeutic processing for families. It is a six session series that takes place in individual family therapy sessions, which are scheduled to meet the needs of your family.

  • What happened? Many families have questions about how and why addiction has happened to their family or loved one. This session focuses on the biology and behavior of addiction and includes the most recent science on neuroscience of addiction.
  • Where am I? The stress and continual chaos of addiction leaves individuals and families in a constant state of survival; its hard to come up for air and get a sense of where you are at and what's coming next. In this session we will talk about the stages of addiction in the individual as well as the stages of addiction in the family. We'll also talk about the stages of recovery and get a sense of where you at and what you can expect.
  • Where do I go from here? During this session, I'll give you a better understanding of the treatment and recovery system, such as common issues the arise in early recovery and how you might go about about reestablishing trust. During this session we also talk about ways to have fun again, start incorporating play and laughter back into the family as well as other topics like "what do we tell the neighbors?"
  • What can I do to help? This session is all about the family's role in recovery. Specifically ways that you can help and ways that you can hinder the recovery process. We talk about enabling and codependency...what's the difference between enabling and helping? It gets a little foggy when you're a parent.
  • What are my hopes and fears? This last topic is about learning to trust the recovery process and learning about your own expectations. We also discuss coping with gains, losses and more fully understanding relapse.

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