Addiction Recovery Counseling


“Any substantive conversation about treatment in this country must reckon with the toll levied when a culture encourages one approach to the exclusion of all others, especially when that culture limits the treatment options for suffering people, ignores advances in understanding of addiction, and excludes and even shames the great majority of people who fail in the sanctioned approach” Lance Dodes, MD.  Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

I am proud to offer an approach to addiction and recovery counseling that offers clients genuine options in their treatment program.  A driving force in opening this practice was to offer clients struggling with addiction disorders an alternative to traditional agency based addiction treatment counseling. In a private practice therapy environment, clients benefit from scheduling  flexibility, with appointments available outside of traditional office hours; the privacy of individual practice setting; individualized treatment planning which removes assigned or required treatment hours; emphasis is on personal, one on one counseling to address unique treatment needs vs. group therapy treatment; and choice of a variety of therapeutic approaches, beyond the traditional 12 step model.

What Can Addiction and Recovery Counseling Help With?

Addiction and recovery counseling can help different issues including:

  • Concern about drug/alcohol use; understanding the difference between abuse and addiction – curious about when using becomes a problem
  • Wanting to start the process of getting sober
  • Maintaining sobriety and recovery
  • Help getting back into recovery after relapse
  • Counseling to support a medication-assisted treatment program (such as buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex)
  • Recovery management and coaching to assist with strengthening or maintaining an optimal recovery program
  • Repairing relationships damaged by active addiction
  • Parenting more successfully and effectively during treatment and recovery
  • Pregnant and concerned about alcohol/drug use
  • Family healing and recovery from addiction
  • Codependency

Helpful Forms

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